Dear Colleagues,

2020 was a tough year for all of us. Covid-19 has affected adversely our lives. Although a number of people do not accept that, as healthcare professionals, we veterinarians have been on duty without any interruption in this process. We have given a hundred and ten percent for animal and human health and we continue to do so. Our biggest wish is to put the Covid-19 epidemic behind us in 2021 and to bring into action a Congress which is free from the effects of the pandemic in Cyprus. In this way, we have an opportunity to meet face to face with dear colleagues.

Why Cyprus?

The TRNC draws attention as one of the most successful countries in the world throughout the Covid-19 epidemic period. In addition to the advantages of being an island state since the first pandemic case was identified, the TRNC has decreased the number of cases in a short time without allowing the disease to spread, with dedicated work. During this period, the TRNC, which drew attention with its conscious community structure besides their advanced health opportunities, acted with the right strategy and worked in a cooperative way with hospitals and all health institutions to brought under control the number of cases to a minimum level.

As a consequence, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which has a much lower number of cases in many countries and cities around the world makes people feel healthier and safer. In this sense, we are glad to invite you to the Cat Veterinary Association 2 nd Congress (KEDVET) that is going to be organized between 24-27 th of October 2021 in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We are determined to break new ground in this sector, so we are in an intense effort to increase your knowledge by favour of providing you with the opportunity to attend different congress experiences. We planned to organize the International Congress of Cat Medicine as HYBRID in compliance with possible pandemic conditions.

We have offered the options to follow the congress both physically and online with the purpose of informing you a little bit more about the first HYBRID Congress which is going to be exemplified in our sector. As of the Hybrid congress feature, our participants can physically participate in the congress by taking all pandemic precautions at a high level, you also can follow the congress in the physical environment socially in the hall, or you can follow from the televisions in your room without leaving your room, you can also follow on your mobile phones with your live broadcast passwords which are going to be given to you on the day of the congress. In this manner, you will be able to follow the congress via your tablet and laptop wherever and whenever you want.

Another option is that participants who do not want to travel can also watch the congress online, ask questions to speakers online, and we will provide them an opportunity to meet with industry representatives. The KEDVET Congress, the first of which was held in 2019, receive the great appreciation of the participants who are from Turkey and also abroad, both with its scientific content for practice, its social and cultural activities, and the contributions of experienced international scientists specializing in the cat medicine. In 2020 the first online live broadcasting congress of our sector which was organized, KEDVET ONLINE, was in the limelight for our venerable colleagues and procured attendance record.

KEDVET 2021 Congress, which we have made all our efforts on higher quality and higher scientific level of participation than the previous year, will be supported by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) in this year, as in 2019 and 2020. The slogan of the KEDVET Cat Medicine Congress to be organized in Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel, Kyrenia has been determined as "Everything for Cats ...". The main goal of our congress, which we will hold in Cyprus with its marvelous nature, deep blue sea, and worthwhile historical places, is to bring together all our colleagues who are interested in cats to discuss current professional and scientific developments concerning cats.

You will be informed by the speakers, each of whom is dignified in the field of cat medicine, and with the congress which will be held in spring, we will be very glad to have a pleasant start to summer. We will be happy to welcome you to Cyprus.

Sincerely yours.